Alex and Carol

Welcome to our virtual store, where we believe in treating animals like cherished members of the family, deserving of the same comforts and quality products as you do. And why should you have to break the bank for these essentials?

Alex and I share a deep passion for animals, a bond that dates back to our meeting in 1983 and our subsequent marriage in 1984. While raising our two boys, we embarked on a journey that led us to establish a non-profit dog rescue. Our home has been graced by a diverse array of furry companions, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.

In 2010, faced with the challenge of finding unique and high-quality items for our beloved pets, we took matters into our own hands and began crafting collars and leashes. Since then, our humble endeavor has blossomed into a full-fledged business, expanding to include custom printing services, cat products, and much more

In the future, our heartfelt aspiration is to acquire property where we can provide sanctuary to burros in need. Having been fortunate enough to witness these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat, we’ve come to admire their boundless personality and innate curiosity. Sadly, when their populations surge in the wild, they’re often subjected to roundups and left without a place to call home.

Once we secure our own parcel of land, it will become a haven for these magnificent animals. We eagerly anticipate welcoming them to their new abode, where they can thrive under our care and know they’re cherished.